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  • Why hire a professional to write my resume or CV?

    Professional writers are aware of strategies to write impressive resumes that usually get people invites to interviews. Our certified resume writers work towards crafting a resume that effectively highlights your qualifications and positive attributes. Writers Daddy guarantees a well-written resume designed to attain successful results.

  • What is a Certified Professional Resume Writer?

    The Certified Professional Resume Writer is a person who has met industry standards for achieving client-strategic goals and has mastered the craft of resume preparation. The designation means that a CPRW has achieved these excellent resume-writing standards by mastering modern techniques.

  • What is the difference between a CV and a Resume?

    The primary difference between a CV and a resume is their respective lengths, content, and purpose. A resume is a short, concise summary of your achievements, skills, and education and should never exceed two pages. While a CV is a more detailed version of one's education, achievements, and experience. It offers a detailed view of a person's professional life and can exceed two pages in length.

  • How can I communicate with the writer?

    Our resume writing system offers client’s the maximum interaction with their resume writer and us throughout the entire process. Once a writer has been assigned to work on your resume, you can avail our unique messaging systems to correspond with your writer. Additionally, you can keep track of how resume writing progresses and pass on any additional instructions you feel are relevant. You can also contact our Support Team in case of emergencies. We are open 24/7.

  • Do I still have to upload the Resume if I already filled out the form? How can I upload files?

    Yes. We need all the necessary information to design an excellent resume for you. To provide us the details for your resume, you can either copy your current resume or fill out the resume form on our website. You may even do both. To do so, just click on the Continue tab after confirming all your payment details. This will enable you to upload your current resume or fill out the resume form provided.

  • What is the guarantee that I will get a call for an interview?

    Our organization works hard to keep our customers satisfied. Therefore, if you do not receive any invitations to job interviews within 35 days of receiving your resume, please contact us over the following five working days. At that point, we can revise your resume to your complete satisfaction for no additional charges.

  • How are writers selected?

    A rigorous selection and training process is used when hiring new writers. When an order is placed with us, we select a writer based on the subject matter, scholastic level, and deadline. We take pride in having writers that have both scholastic and real-world experience that makes them a perfect fit for the position.

  • How do I request revisions?

    You may contact our customer service support or fill out the form provided to you after the completion of your document.

  • Can others find out that I am using this service?

    We take our client’s confidentiality seriously. Special steps are taken to ensure that charges reflected on your bank statements do not reveal your use of scholastic writing services.

  • What kind of writing services do you offer?

    We also provide resume and CV writing services, along with business content writing.

  • Are prices negotiable?

    As a general rule, our prices are not negotiable and comply with the prices posted on our website. After the completion of your order form, you will be notified of your final cost. However, we do accept specialized requests for writing services. In such instances, we work with the customer to agree on a fair price.

  • What are ghostwriters?

    A ghostwriter is a professional writer who writes content as per the client's request in exchange for a fee but more importantly, all royalties and copyrights for the content stay with the client.

  • What is the purpose of Ghost Writing?

    Ghost Writing is a highly valued skill that helps aspiring authors face mental blocks to help them publish their desired book in exchange for value and money while keeping the anonymity of the clients' names.

  • How to hire a ghostwriter?

    Ghost book writers have a fleet of skilled writers who have the experience of working on any given idea or story. Get connected with our representative to discuss your project, and you will be associated with a dedicated team of ghostwriters.

  • How can you acquire the assistance of writersdaddy?

    We are happy to assist you in your book publishing ventures. Please inform us about your requirements and parameters. Our extensively qualified professionals will get in touch with you to provide appropriate recommendations.

  • What is the general expense of hiring writersdaddy?

    There are a considerable number of factors involved which approximate the costs of hiring writersdaddy. This consists of the complexity, skill set needed, and the time required to complete your provided project. You can provide your requirements and get a quotation from us.

  • How much does it cost to hire a ghostwriter?

    The cost of hiring a ghostwriter solely depends upon the nature of your job. The number of words, pages, and the amount of research required to cater to your order decides the cost.

  • Do you offer any guarantee of your services?

    We live in a digitalized era, which means that ranking of content keeps changing from time to time. Google recommends avoiding such companies that offer complete guaranteed orders of any content. We don't guarantee top-notch results; we give answers based on the previous works we have done to generate potential sales for all of our clients. Our digital marketing agency provides immense support to get your content a significant amount of traffic worldwide.

  • Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with the services?

    At writersdaddy, we are continuously striving to achieve the best results for our clients. We make sure that our clients return with the services they pay for. However, certain things are beyond our control and can go wrong. To ensure our customers are 100% satisfied, we offer a complete money-back guarantee (terms and conditions applied).